Since 2016, we've been making  and selling our own board games.


In doing so, we've made it our mission to surprise people. Whether you want to pilot giant mechs, mine for gems, start an evil corporation or run a haunted bed and breakfast, what's important is that you have fun doing it - and with our help, you will.

Here are some of the games that we've released:

Cover Art.jpg


If doing battle with giant robots and hidden assassins was on your bucket list, then we've got good news: we made a game about it!

Combining innovative fog of war mechanics, a simple contextual combat system and a hidden map full of spies, saboteurs and assassins, Farsight is a unique tabletop experience that's suitable for war-game anoraks and new challengers alike.



Welcome to Ragusa: a glittering jewel in the crown of the Mediterranean. In the 15th century, Ragusa is at its peak as a bustling trade centre. With an influx of trade, it’s down to you - the merchants and builders of Ragusa - to secure the city’s legacy.

With an elegant blend of worker placement, market manipulation and subtle but effective player interaction, Ragusa is “every Euro gamer’s dream.”


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Dead & Breakfast throws players into the managerial position of a haunted hotel, tasking them with building up a menagerie of fiendish ghouls to terrorise the guests and ensure that theirs is the worst-reviewed hotel in the world.

With a fantastically simple-yet-challenging design by up-and-coming designer Rodrigo Rego, joyously evil art from Braincrack favourite Louis Durrant, and more than its fair share of good reviews, Dead & Breakfast is a surefire fan favourite in the making.


mined out


Motherload and Spelunky meet tabletop in this pocket-sized mining game that sees players navigate their own treacherous gem mines, collecting precious gems, building helpful upgrades, and trying to avoid collapsing the whole thing in the process.

With millions of potential layouts for the mine and a serious depth of strategy for such a tiny box and simple rules, Mined Out! is a fantastic little game.




Our very first (and best selling) game, Downsize is an off-the-wall card game about the world of dreary corporate monoliths and their questionable hiring and firing tactics.

In less oblique terms, Downsize is a cynical (but very colourful) game about hiring employees, firing them to complete actions and make money, and shutting down your company before the market inevitably crashes and starts causing people losses.