Coming Soon: RAGUSA

We are immensely excited to announce that our next release - and our first true outing into the world of the Euro-style game - is Ragusa, from acclaimed designer Fabio Lopiano (Calimala). Set in the Renaissance city of Ragusa (now Dubrovnik) in the 15th century, the game tasks players with building the city, its walls, and making use of its growing economy to find their fortunes!



Each turn, players place houses in and around the city and countryside, split into hexes. Instead of placing on the hexes themselves, players build between three - activating all of the surrounding hexes. In the countryside, this means collecting resources for building and crafting, but in the city, players get access to powerful combinations of actions.

But Ragusa has a trick up its sleeve - when building in the city, some spaces will reactivate the houses that were already there, whether they belong to you or another player. This simple rule keeps everyone engaged, even when it's not their turn, and means that your early choices can give way to a huge advantage later on in the game.

Shot E.jpg


Meshing together worker placement, market manipulation, hidden objectives and trading, Ragusa isn't without its complexity - but still only asks players to make one choice per turn, keeping things light and fast.

Shot C.jpg


And far from keeping it simple, we're going all-out to give Ragusa the treatment it deserves - with unique tower pieces that sit on top of the houses, walls, and other tabletop  bling like transparent tracker beads.