Coming Soon: THE GIG

The Gig is a game of dice-drafting, semi-cooperative strategy for 2-5 players. In The Gig, players are members of an up-and-coming jazz group, improvising their way through one of several songs, vying for the spotlight and trying to please the audience whilst working up mind-blowing solos to ensure they come out on top.

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Each song is a unique dice puzzle with its own highs, lows, and specific requirements. The Audience Enthusiasm meter dictates how many points players get when they contribute to the song - when players fight for the spotlight, the audience will notice, and their enthusiasm will dip, only to recover when a player finishes a solo. Whilst only one person can win, racking up lots of points from the song board will require teamwork and coordination.

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Solo boards offer another route to scoring points: each instrument has a unique network of puzzles, which players can fill in with the results of drafted dice, to earn themselves points and bolster the audience's enthusiasm!


play it again, sam

WIth five unique songs to play, and six instruments for players to choose from - each with their own special powers and solo boards - The Gig offers a wealth of choice to help make every game feel unique.