Hire, Fire, Retire

Downsize is a game about firing people - and we know that depending on the type of person, that might not sound fun - but we assure you, it is. Players start the game with a hand of funkily coloured Employees, who over the course of the game they must dismiss to trigger effects - the most important of which is making money. 

But, there is only so much money to be made before your morally-corrupt industry takes a nosedive. Hire the right employees, but keep a slim hand, because when the market collapses and the money runs dry, anyone with salaries still to pay is sure to suffer.

The 2nd edition of Downsize will arrive on Kickstarter soon, but until then, feel free to read our resumé:



Downsize takes about three minutes to teach, and 10-15 minutes to play. It's suitable for all ages: in fact, we've found that Downsize obsessives tend to be either children or grandparents. Take from that what you will.



The second edition of Downsize will feature no functional text on the cards -meaning that as long as you've got someone to explain it to you, anyone can play!



Whilst it is a very colourful game, we've worked hard to ensure that those with colourblindness can still understand the visual indicators in the game!