Dead & Breakfast

Dead & Breakfast
2-4 Players – <30 mins playtime
Designed by Rodrigo Rego
Illustrated by Louis Durrant
RRP £19.99

In Dead & Breakfast, players are tasked with building the most horrible hotel in the land. By filling their hotels with ghosts, bats, spiders, zombies, creepy dolls, and covering them in poisonous flowers, players aim to attract unwitting guests with the sole intention of frightening the life out of them.

Built around a simple but “deceptively thinky” (Mawhitec) tile drafting and placement mechanic, Dead & Breakfast offers players of all ages a frighteningly fun, brain-busying experience.

Why we wanted to publish it

Dead & Breakfast is our favourite kind of game – one that’s fun-looking enough that you could play it with pretty much anyone, simple to teach but addictively puzzling, and short enough that you can say ‘one more game?’ without eliciting a collective groan from your fellow players.

With a tight design and awesome artwork from Louis Durrant, we just know it’s going to be a crowd pleaser.

How we’re releasing it

Dead & Breakfast funded on Kickstarter in March,  for £8259! Delivery is expected in June / July.

A free Tabletopia demo of the game is available here (you know, just in case you don’t trust us when we say THIS GAME IS AWESOME.)

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Farsight: A Futuristic Wargame by Jamie Jolly


In the distant future, civilization as we know it is crumbling.

After decades of increasing reliance on the free market, governments around the world are struggling to stay afloat among mounting troubles: food shortages, rioting, global warming, and the threat of invasion. The world’s population is in revolt, and for most, the future is uncertain.

But hope is by no means lost: a select few corporations, each with their own militias, landmasses, and societies, step forward to offer those displaced by conflict and famine a new beginning. They provide jobs, homes, education, and respite from the outside world. They build vast ‘Safe Zones,’ and offer ‘Sponsored Citizenship’ to those who can contribute: whether it’s behind a desk or on the front lines protecting their newfound borders.

Before long, the biggest four corporations – Ares, Zafar, Vestus, and DAIA – begin to ‘recover’ land once owned by since-fallen nations, marching mechs and men into decimated cities to support their respective colonies. With the people on their side, the corporations slowly begin to replace the idea of a nation altogether.

But the dust has not settled: in this new world of aggressive expansion, rampant ideology and almost wholly mechanized warfare, allegiances are only temporary, and every weakness in the competition brings the opportunity of bigger profits, broader horizons, and happier people.

Developed over 8 years by veteran wargamer Jamie Jolly, Farsight offers a rich and fresh take on the world of war-gaming: combining fog of war mechanics, hidden units, dynamic and interactive terrain, and unpredictable events, into a simple and fluid system that will appeal to newer gamers and hardened tacticians alike.

Players control one of the four dominant corporations, in a campaign to control a sprawling map of forests, mountains, lakes, and tactical objectives. Everything from positioning to weather to terrain is crucial to succeeding in combat, ensuring a tactical implication of every move.

In the design of Farsight, a key goal has been giving players the freedom to be creative: unlike games with pre-written strategy cards or restrictive paths to victory, Farsight gives you the power to play how you want. Whether it’s tailoring the rules to your desired play experience or skill level, creating custom armies to enhance your planned strategy, or adapting tactics from history for use in-game, Farsight puts players firmly in control from start to finish.

During the game, players deploy and control two distinct types of unit: Battlefield Units – such as infantry, armoured mechs, artillery and towering ‘Prototypes’ – and Specialists – such as Spies, Saboteurs, Seers and Assassins.

Battlefield Units are deployed directly to the map: engaging with the enemy, using the terrain to their advantage, taking casualties, and reacting to battlefield events such as blizzards or fog. They’re the bread and butter of any army: capturing the objectives needed to win the game, and defending your territory from the enemy.

Specialists, whilst much more subtle, are just as crucial to victory. Deployed to the shadowmap (a hidden board that relates to the map itself,) Specialists do not move, but offer unique abilities, such as predicting events, sabotaging enemy units, spying on your opponent, or hunting enemy specialists.

Information is a big step towards effective strategy: battlefield units are deployed face-down, appearing as mere blips on the radar until they are engaged or spied upon. Deploying spies to reveal enemy units early on allows you to plan ahead, intercepting powerful units and maneuvering to destroy their supports ahead of time.

Once you’ve held 8 bases for a whole turn – or the 3 closest bases to the enemy for one turn – your corporation claims their dominance, and has won the battle… for now.

With plans for an expansive and interactive online campaign series, telling an evolving story and giving you new ways you use your core set, Farsight is set to be a grand new adventure for all of us here at Braincrack, and for all of you as well.

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Good hunting!


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Mined Out! – A Pocket-Sized Mining Game

In Mined Out! players explore their own individual mines, collecting gems, building upgrades, installing supports, and throwing dynamite in order to emerge as victor.

Players score points for preventing cave-ins, collecting gems of different values, and building upgrades – which give them tactical advantages to help them win the game.

Once one player has installed all of their upgrades, the game ends immediately, and players score up their mines.

A pocket-sized game with billions of potential mine combinations and plenty of different strategies, Mined Out! is a well-balanced, family-friendly game to suit players of all levels.

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Downsize – A Competitive Card Game for 2-6 Players

Downsize is a competitive card game for 2-6 players, which focusses on competing players firing employees, and racing to make investments and ‘downsize’ before the market crashes.

At the start of each game, players are given 10 Employees, and can discard them either in Pairs to resolve an effect (which changes depending on what Employees you discard) or on their own, in the case of rare Specialist Employees, who have their own unique abilities.

When Players have fired all of their Employees, they have ‘downsized,’ can no longer be affected by the actions of other Players, and do not take losses if the market crashes. The winner is the Player with the highest value of Returns at the end of the game.

As well as several possible strategies, both passive and aggressive, the game requires Players to balance their workforce and rate of investment, to avoid losing money at the end of the game.

Downsize is currently out of stock, with a 2nd print run expected in 2018.

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