Dead & Breakfast

Dead & Breakfast
2-4 Players – <30 mins playtime
Designed by Rodrigo Rego
Illustrated by Louis Durrant
RRP £19.99

In Dead & Breakfast, players are tasked with building the most horrible hotel in the land. By filling their hotels with ghosts, bats, spiders, zombies, creepy dolls, and covering them in poisonous flowers, players aim to attract unwitting guests with the sole intention of frightening the life out of them.

Built around a simple but “deceptively thinky” (Mawhitec) tile drafting and placement mechanic, Dead & Breakfast offers players of all ages a frighteningly fun, brain-busying experience.

Why we wanted to publish it

Dead & Breakfast is our favourite kind of game – one that’s fun-looking enough that you could play it with pretty much anyone, simple to teach but addictively puzzling, and short enough that you can say ‘one more game?’ without eliciting a collective groan from your fellow players.

With a tight design and awesome artwork from Louis Durrant, we just know it’s going to be a crowd pleaser.

How we’re releasing it

Dead & Breakfast funded on Kickstarter in March,  for £8259! Delivery is expected in June / July.

A free Tabletopia demo of the game is available here (you know, just in case you don’t trust us when we say THIS GAME IS AWESOME.)

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